Adult Services

Georgetown Psychology Associates is proud to offer expert care in the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of adults managing a variety of life stressors and psychological symptoms. Common concerns that bring our clients in to see us include: anxiety (generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety, phobias), depression, OCD, PTSD, eating disorders, life transitions, and grief. We also help clients interested in creating more fulfilling and healthy relationships, careers, and families.

In both our therapy and assessment services, we offer compassionate and highly individualized care to our clients. Our clinicians represent a range of specialties, allowing us to bring a collaborative and comprehensive approach to evaluation, treatment planning, and continued care.

Whether you want more clarity about a particular diagnosis, are struggling with mental health issues, or just need guidance in addressing a specific relationship, career, or family issue, our goal is to help you gain the necessary understanding and skills to begin living the life you want to live. Sometimes, therapy may be focused on exploring and working through unhealthy relationship patterns. Other times, we may help you learn to think differently so that you can feel happier and more confident. When indicated, we integrate mindfulness techniques to help you learn to be more present and relaxed, and mind-body practices such as yoga, exercise, and healthy eating to help you achieve a greater overall sense of well-being.

No matter what path we take to get there, we believe that treatment works best when the therapist and client work together to set goals in the context of a collaborative, respectful, and affirming relationship.


Treatment Modalities