Sleep Training

If your child is experiencing problems with sleep, whether it be resisting naps or going to bed at night, problems falling asleep, staying asleep, or getting restful sleep, or night terrors, Georgetown Psychology Associates can help. We provide consultation and coaching to parents so they have the guidance and support they need to help their children with this important developmental task.

At Georgetown Psychology Associates, we provide help for infants, toddlers, and older children with sleep problems. Often, patterns and habits have developed that need to be addressed, such as children or requiring frequent interventions during the course of a night or sleeping with their parents for comfort. These dynamics can be addressed with practical, behavioral strategies. We also help children develop ways to soothe themselves and engage in habits that will facilitate sleep.

What is Sleep Training?

Sleep training involves helping a baby learn to independently get to sleep and stay asleep throughout the night. While some babies develop a regular sleep routine without any difficulty, others have problems settling down to sleep or getting back to sleep if they wake up during the night. There is nothing wrong with getting help and guidance in relation to your baby’s sleep. Everyone, at some point, needs suggestions and information to help them make the right choices. Every child is different and you may not be able to stick to the same methods you’ve used in the past with other children. By educating yourself and finding the right method for your baby, you can work towards establishing a healthy and successful sleep pattern.

Methods for Sleep Training

There are many different methods for and opinions about sleep training a baby or young child. The way parents approach their child’s sleep is usually a personal and intricate matter. It isn’t always easy making decisions about how to get a baby to fall and stay asleep. However, the more informed you are about the different methods available, and the more in touch you are with your baby’s behavior, the better your chances are of creating a consistent approach and routine for your child’s sleep patterns and restfulness. Consistency is key for a sleep training method. It’s important to decide on a sleep training method that you can live with and commit to doing every day.

Many parents find success in introducing and sticking to a relaxing and consistent bedtime routine, which helps a child settle down and is soothing because he or she knows what to expect. Bedtime rituals are also a priceless opportunity for parents to bond with their children.