Psychological Evaluations

Georgetown Psychology Associates offers psychological evaluations to assist individuals and, in many cases, their treating therapists and psychiatrists in clarifying diagnosis and treatment recommendations. Testing combines both objective and projective tests to gain information regarding underlying emotional and personality patterns that may be getting in your way. This can be especially helpful when clients and/or treatment providers are feeling stuck and require additional information to proceed in the most effective manner.

For some clients, this may be part of a larger evaluation to assess for other conditions, such as ADHD and learning disabilities, which may be contributing their mental health problems. For others, the focus is strictly on psychological/ emotional functioning and behavior.

The Testing Process

Evaluations begin with an intake meeting with one of our psychologists to discuss your concerns and what type of testing will be appropriate. The intake appointment requires a nonrefundable fee of $250 that will be applied toward testing fees. Our current fees range from $1800-$2200. Testing typically is conducted in one 4-hour session. With your consent, the evaluator will also speak with partners and other treatment providers to gather their impressions.

At the end of the testing process, the evaluator will have a meeting to discuss the test results, provide diagnostic impressions, and provide recommendations. This will be followed up by a detailed report that you can provide to your treating therapist and/or psychiatrist. Our goal is to give you the information you need to enhance your relationships with partners, children and friends, as well as to improve your job performance and overall quality of life.