Potty Training

Potty training is a major milestone for your child (and you)! Potty training hinges on a child’s physical and emotional readiness. As children become ready at different ages, understanding the signs of readiness and knowing the practical steps involved, will help ensure potty training success.

To help you provide the support and guidance that your child needs during potty training, or if you are already in the midst of potty training problems, our Potty Training program will help walk you through the steps to success. We provide one-on-one consultations and strategizing for children who are having difficulty, or for parents who want a structured plan before beginning the process.

Potty Training for Children

Our Potty Training program is based on Dr. Zimmitti’s Listen for the Tinkle, a guide for basic potty training and more extreme toileting issues, such as fear of the potty, constipation, and encopresis. The book provides expert advice, with the understanding and honesty only another parent can have. Listen for the Tinkle offers an effective program that can be completed in one weekend and will result in your child peeing and pooping in the potty without trauma, upset, or fuss. The program offers parents an opportunity to connect with their child and teach a valuable life skill in a time efficient manner.

Is Your Child Ready for Potty Training?

Some signs that your child may be ready for potty training include the following:

  • Your child shows interest in the potty chair or toilet, or in wearing underwear.
  • Your child understands and follows basic instructions.
  • You child expresses to you verbally or through body language and facial expressions when he or she needs to go to the bathroom.
  • Your child stays dry for periods of two hours or longer throughout the day.
  • Your child tells you when his or her diaper is wet or dirty.
  • Your child pulls down his or her pants and then pulls them up again.
  • Your child sits on and rises from a potty chair.

Staying Positive & Patient

Potty training is something that everyone is quick to forget, but everyone’s gone through it. It may be easier said than done, but staying positive and patient goes a long way for both you and your child during the inevitable accidents that are a normal part of potty training. It also doesn’t hurt to have a sense of humor. From technique to timing, potty training can actually be fun and a chance for you and your child to bond.

Get A Head Start

Dr. Zimmitti’s Listen for the Tinkle can be purchased online and will help you and your child get a head start on potty training before you initiate the program at Georgetown Psychology Associates.


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Guide to Toilet Training edited by Dr. Mark Wolraich and Sherill Tippins (2003).