Admissions Testing for Independent Schools

Georgetown Psychology Associates provides admissions testing to children for whom cognitive testing is required as part of the application process to independent schools in the Washington, D.C. area.

It can be overwhelming, and even intimidating, to consider having a cognitive evaluation performed for your child for the independent schools admissions process. Our experienced evaluators work to ensure that the assessment process is a smooth and positive one for your child, and for you. To accommodate the busy schedules of parents, we provide testing on weekdays, with some additional weekend availability.

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Types of Admissions Tests

Children under the age of 6 take the Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence – Fourth Edition (WPPSI-IV). Testing time typically runs 45-60 minutes.

Children ages 6 years and older take the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children – Fifth Edition (WISC-V). Testing time typically runs 60-90 minutes.

In some cases, children are also asked to take the Woodcock-Johnson-IV, Tests of Achievement (WJ-IV). Testing time typically runs 90-120 minutes.

Parent Feedback and Reports

Most parents find the report provides adequate detail to understand the test results. We are happy to answer brief questions by phone at no additional charge. For parents who would like to come to the office to discuss the report in greater detail, we are happy to do so. The session typically lasts 30 minutes (an additional fee will apply).

In some cases, parents would like to have feedback regarding their child’s performance on an immediate basis. In these cases, we are happy to meet with parents directly following the evaluation to discuss the test results. Your child may sit in the waiting room during this meeting (we have activities to keep them busy). For younger children, however, we recommend that you bring another adult to sit with him/her. The meeting typically lasts 20 minutes (an additional fee will apply). The report will be available within 48 hours and sent to schools on an expedited basis.

How to Prepare Your Child:

Your child will be asked to participate in a series of activities that assess their cognitive functioning. No practice is needed for these tests. In fact, formal preparation is discouraged as it will invalidate the test results. Further, both the WPPSI-IV and WISC-V can be administered only once per year for the results to be valid, so please let us know if your child has taken the test within the prior 12 months.

When preparing your child, it is best to tell them that they will be coming to our office to engage in “activities” or “work,” rather than “play.” You can tell them that they will perform tasks that are similar to activities they do in school. We encourage you to refer to us by our first names so your child feels relaxed about the meeting. If your child wears glasses in school, please have him/her wear them for testing. Medication should be taken just as on a regular school day.