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by Dr. Maria Zimmitti

Listen for the Tinkle is a necessity for every parent in need of help with potty training and more extreme toileting issues, such as fear of the potty, constipation, and encopresis. This book provides expert advice with the understanding and honesty only another parent could have. Listen for the Tinkle offers an effective program that can be completed in one weekend and will result in your child peeing and pooping on the potty without trauma, upset, or fuss. In fact, this program offers parents an opportunity to connect with their child and teach a valuable life skill in a time-efficient manner.

by Dr. Maria Zimmitti

For parents who used the program outlined in Listen for the Tinkle, we hope you have successfully transitioned through the potty training process. For some, however, the process can be more challenging and require a more specialized approach. This addendum was written for parents who have attempted a formal potty training program but are faced with the following potty predicaments: (1) your child is still in diapers or a pull-up and refuses to use the potty, (2) your child wears underpants but still has accidents, (3) your child pees in the potty but only poops in a diaper or pull-up, or (4) your child is potty trained at home only and won’t go at school, friends’ houses, etc. These challenges can occur for many reasons but don’t despair, the strategies outlined here will put you on the road to success.



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