Depression Intervention in Childhood

In our last post, we discussed symptoms of depression in childhood – the developmental period that spans ages six to 12. This week, we review Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, an intervention… Continue Reading

Diagnosing Depression During Childhood

Parents often turn to us to provide solutions and help treat emotional difficulties that are affecting the child’s academic, social and family environments. Although depressive disorders in children, adolescents, and… Continue Reading

Parenting Temper Tantrums

  As parents, we’ve all been through them: the crying, the screaming, the flailing, the complete loss of control (sometimes on our part, too!). Some of our children have mastered… Continue Reading

Starting the Semester Right

You just returned to school after a long, relaxing winter break. It was great not having to worry about readings, papers, problem sets, quizzes, and exams! Now you are back… Continue Reading