Child Services

Parents naturally want to see their children happy and thriving. As a parent, it can be stressful and worrisome to consider the possibility that your child has a learning, behavioral, or psychological issue that may negatively impact his or her school functioning, friendships, and/or emotional well-being.

As treatment providers, our primary goal is to provide the information and guidance you need to support your child’s learning and social-emotional needs from infancy through childhood. Evaluations are indicated when children are having difficulty acquiring academic skills at the expected rate, when attention and executive functioning challenges are keeping them from performing to their potential, or when they are feeling increasingly anxious, frustrated, or hopeless regarding school. Common issues focused on in therapy with children are managing worries and fears, improving self-regulation and frustration tolerance, supporting attention and executive functioning, increasing compliance at home and school, and developing a healthy sense of self. We work closely with parents so you have a clear understanding of your child’s progress and goals, as well as the skills necessary to best support your child at home.


Therapy / Consultation

Treatment Modalities